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Sipping on this drink wishing

I was high, as I drive

this vehicle into multiple light poles

Then a leprechaun pops up

yelling stop!

I begin counting 9, 6, 3, 0’s

I don’t see cancer but my body feels week

I’m losing weight

I see my daddy’s body in 15 years before now

Holding me

Please don’t let go

I began to fall

The air begins difficult to breathe

As the temperature rise

My eyes begin to taste tears of defeat

I can see the God’s lips move

but no sound came out

Lights out

My eyes screams out

in fear

My voice sees no answer

Insomnia begs for the am

Is he ok?

When pigs fly

Abducted pool pit of churches

Where witches enlist

like megatron, the decepticons

Mastering my faith

Utilizing hate to betray

Him who has control over my fate

The snakes bate

Where is the clean slate?

Angels don’t sing over this land

Hills and obstacles

block the sunlight

where blessings seems futile


I begin to question your savoir. Searching for an answer, like a cure for this

spectacle of a disease; cancer. Radical it may seem, rebellious even but like actions emotion driven.

Answers lay only in the questions. Why Lord?




In a pot meant to be pissed in
Melts the turmoil of self destruction
Whisking through the bull shit
and remnants of worthiness
Examining the readiness
To explode and expose
The enclosed feelings filling in a mason jar
Only to become numb
Succumb to the trials and tribulations
Where temptations reside within the entering of a womb
Where the walls begin talking
Calling your name
Again read’ing that vein
Bare’n the pain and pressure
With a voice in the back of your head
But you remain the blame
Going insane
Pointing the finger towards something that isn’t there
A window to throw this shit out of

With your head held down
Tears in your eyes big enough to fill the grand canyon
Under cloudy skies
Walking away seems to be the only way
The only way to keep at bay
The Tears

What are you walking away from?
Have you looked backed yet to see if they’re still fighting?


Have you ever decided to settle?
Kisses you didn’t feel
sending trembles down your spine
no longer
to a place where alone
Seems refreshing
Tainting incredible
With peaces of mind
Where mine became yours
As time became
Deserving the world
But the core of man
I know that’s not a word but…
But you get my drift
We deserver more
Where swift talks
And persuading tones wasn’t enough
But the produce of your wound
You to persevere where your physical limits you.
But I can’t judge you
Because you and I are of the same flower
but different petals
Love is a losing game
Guess that why we cheat…
To keep playing

Thoughts of silence

I can’t sleep
Tossing and turning
Sheets thrown
and pillows no longer cut it
Its only so long the other side can stay cool
The right words never seem to make sense
Coming out my mouth right the words
Remain hesitant on my tongue
While my mind races to reminisce
The befores and afters
Where things could have gone wrong
or right
Up wondering where the spark has gone
Restlessly trying to figure a cure
For what we have been through before
But silence remains deadly
Captivating isn’t it?
The missing of words hold the keys
to what could be
You and me
The fuel and oxygen
To keep the flame going
Your not the only one scared to say you’re still in love

This is what you do?
In the night
You confess your love
Betray your physical
With your hands
You promised to never go there again with
Touching and feeling
your way around lust
Your body trembling
Lip biting
Eyes rolling
Pussy cum’n

Yeah, you…dirty love
Hair pulling
Ass smacking
back scratching
I knew you couldn’t stay away
Jungle love
Where you get lost like change in couch seats
The fix
Hit after hit
Your cocaine kicker
With a devilish fetish
as your body moves quicker
Banging our bodies like gorillas
Bruno Mars
In your gala of charisma
Seduction at its best
Whispers of “daddy it’s yours”
As you exit my door
Dirty feelings never felt so good

In the eyes of a conscious mind
Everything seems black
Coming from a line of darkness
nothing seems relaxed.
Fighting for freedom from the streets.
There’s no surprise
The government shut down
Seen with the 3rd eye…
Bail outs and payouts
Borrowing to keep top dollar
Worried already…enough
Trying to stay above ground
When stray bullets ring out we all get down
Appreciating life
Moving fast to keep and persevere
Persevere through what’s been partially shut down
Schools and
Books run down
Hand me downs
Remain quiet please
With budget cuts
Politician’s schemes and scandals
But we FB and Tweet the latest scenes from Scandal.
In the eyes of conscious mind



Driven to succeed.

The pressure too.

Succeeding in a race against her


Wishful thinking.

Because of you

Things will never be the same.

The pain.



The love

She had compared to glass


Into millions of pieces.

Beyond fixation.

Unless you are a glass maker

To mend back to love.

She became the peace in mind

To stand still.

Leaving no void

To taint her peace of mind.

The pastures of her happiness.

No rain for her parade.

She emptied her heart.

Waiting on you.

Then filled it with you.

Hoping you would drink

Then contribute.

But you refuse to listen

You refused to open your eyes to see

Your grass was fertilized.

All you had to do was water it.


I said I love you

Thinking about marriages and horse then carriages

It seemed like things were going right

Then came to a fork

You went right and I went wrong

Sometimes I don’t know what to say

When my heart forgets to supply oxygen to my brain

Making me think

In math we learned when the signs are the same

Whether negatives, it’ll come out positive

The pain never stops 

The rain seems to screw up our communications

Where your “try harders” misunderstood my hardest

Some things make me sad Like driving down 29

bumping Justin Timberlake and Beyonce

Thinking about us til the end of time

People may say Im still in love

But your the mother of my childs

Seeing those fat lil belllies

feeling pains in my belly

Seems like the warm and cold fronts 

Behind us stands in our way

Like how big should a mustard seed be

When your faced with mountains of self defeat

It’s not you It’s me

I apologize


I use to want things by a necessity of any

Until my eyes drew apart wide before my demise

Manipulated and ruined

Presented with the deal of a lifetime

All I had to do was never mind school

With the exchange of  being cool

and distribute a product hard and white

Cooked on a stove in baking soda

For those who need to escape the world on their shoulders


A voice said to me

Then sign on the dotted line

But in my mind the deal seemed too good to be true

Trapped in my mind of the things to come

Rigor mortis set in

As my life flashed before my eyes

Seeing the deal as being sealed

in the last stroke of my signature

Now belonging in a sense to my environment

To drain and obtain the souls lost in the streets

Where die fighting lives in defeat

Where a mother’s legs get twisted in an open position

In the hours of the night

Then feeling twisted when her baby is born

and no father is in sight

A harsh reality

Served on a silver spoon

Open wide and swallow it all

The voice said

All be the Glory to God

For the story is already told

For your life to unfold before your eyes

Living in the physical similar to mummified

With no regards for life

Killing to die hard

With a reputation to live for

Behind bars

Searching for a loophole

I want out

The voice spoke

Only if you can guess my name

For God is a forgiving God

That I know

Giving you what is necessary in life

Just that LIFE to


Value and